Beyond Plymouth Rock, Vol. I
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This popular history of 20th century Plymouth up to World War II explores the toils, triumphs, joys, and sorrows of people who lived through a period of extreme change and catastrophic world events.  

Volume I, The Ties That Bind, 1900-1945 is an oversized paperback book of 180 pages with over 150 photographs, maps, illustrations, bibliography, index, 35 original chapters and 8 chapters that are reprinted in this edition. This is the story of how Plymouth attracted and assimilated a post-Yankee wave of Italian, Portuguese, German and French immigrants through the largest rope manufacturing company in the world, transformed its local economy, became a tourist destination, bedroom community and solidified its position as America's hometown. During the 20th century, Plymouth grew from a mill town of 9,500 residents to a sprawling community of more than 50,000. This is a story told by the people who lived it.                                               

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Beyond Plymouth Rock: Vol. I, The Ties That Bind

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